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Why Beyond Meat Beyond Burger is Still Our Favorite

A pack of Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger plant-based patties

Ever since my husband and I became a vegetarian last year (January, 2019), we have tried a selection of meatless products. We are really fortunate that locally here in Denver, it is easy buy plant-based meat products. And after a year of being in a meatless diet, my husband and I are still in agreement: Beyond Meat Beyond Burger is still our top favorite plant-based meat.

Here are the top 3 reasons why this Beyond Meat Burger is still our favorite:

Beyond Burger tastes and looks like real meat

Some people may argue on this. But to us and to other people that I’ve talked to that tried it (vegan and vegetarian alike), Beyond Meat burgers taste like the real thing! When we first tried this plant-based patties, we were surprised on how the company was able to make it taste like a real beef patty. It even “bleeds” like meat once you cook it despite having no animal by-product.

It is easy to cook and can be used in variety of dishes

The cooking instruction for Beyond Burger will only take around 10 minutes. Super easy right? Also, the product being patties have not limited us to use it into other recipes such as fried rice, casserole, pasta even tacos (although we now use their Beyond Beef product for our taco dish as it is now available in the groceries here in Colorado). We will share the meals that we have tried with Beyond Burger soon so stay tuned for that.

It is available in local grocery store

If you are familiar with Beyond Meat company, you might have heard of Impossible Burger as well. It is actually Beyond Meat’s closest competitor when it comes to plant-based burgers. Both of these companies were able to make their patties taste like real meat. However, only Beyond Meat’s products are available in the grocery stores (at least here in Denver).

For Ingredients and Nutritional Facts, visit Beyond Meat Official Website.

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