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Be Meatless Channel – Welcome Video

Good day everyone! If you’ve seen my post regarding the launch of Be Meatless Youtube Channel, we already upload a new video, which officially welcome you to our channel. I also discussed what you can expect from the channel and a bit of background about myself. Hope you can watch it by clicking the video below! Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions so I can improve my contents for the brand. Thank you so much and happy watching!

Welcome to Be Meatless Youtube Channel!

Are you thinking of switching to a meatless diet but confused and overwhelmed where to even begin? Then you are on the right channel. Hi, my name is Sally Mae and welcome to Be Meatless!

Thank you everyone for tuning and it’s a pleasure to officially welcome you to this channel. Just a quick background, I’m a Filipina who now lives in Denver, Colorado and I work as a full-time Java Developer. I was a meat-eater almost my entire life and only transitioned to meatless diet in January 2019. I’m currently a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, which means that I still consume products that have dairy and eggs and on rare occasions, honey. But even with small steps, I’m trying to find plant-based substitutes to the food products that I enjoy to eat.

What is Be Meatless?

Ever since I became a vegetarian, friends and loved ones have asked me how did I transition to a meatless diet, what do I eat and if it’s hard to be on this journey. So I thought, since I get a lot of questions about this topic, maybe creating a blog will be helpful and I might encourage more people to try eating meat-free. By February of 2019, Be Meatless blog was born. I officially launched it this year after finally deciding to register my company with the same name.

What is the goal of this channel and what can viewers expect from it?

My goal for this channel is to share information and my journey that will make people see that it’s not really that hard to be meatless. Especially here in the US, there are a lot of plant-based substitutes for meat, dairy even eggs and seafood that will make the transition easy. I’ll reviewing a lot of plant-based products that I eat, both vegan and vegetarian. I will also feature restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options here in Colorado as well as in the places I travel to. Also, I will share recipes that I’ve tried or created as I go further along in my meatless journey.

So that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed the video and looking forward to chatting with all of you again. Feel free to visit our website at if you want to Have a great day and thank you for watching!

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